Kinsu Brand Guidelines

Find the latest branding and assets used by Kinsu, as of September 2018.
Kinsu is a registered trademark. Please don't modify the assets or marks, or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Kinsu, or in a way that confuses Kinsu with another brand (including your own).
Wordmark & logo
The Kinsu wordmark is simply our name "Kinsu" in a custom font. The wordmark is also used as our logo.
Primary usage:
Secondary usage:
Incorrect usage:
Not only does incorrect usage look horrendous, but it is important that our wordmark and branding is used in the correct way to ensure brand consistency.

Please do not alter the wordmark in any way, including rotation, stretching, and using non brand colours on a low contrast background.
Download Wordmark
Kinsu uses Helvetica Neue across the board in all media.

This in line with the simplicity of the branding and the product itself, and the font does not distract from the message being delivered.

Helvetica Neue
Bold (50px)

(,.:;?!£$&) 0123456789

Helvetica Neue
Bold (30px)

(,.:;?!£$&) 0123456789

Helvetica Neue
Regular (20px)

(,.:;?!£$&) 0123456789
Colour palette
Kinsu uses subtle tones of orange and dark blue to create a unique combination of "human" colours.
Primary Orange #F7AA84
Orange A #F68A66
Orange B #F0CFBD
Orange C #F36A45
Primary Blue #212233
Blue A #404560
Blue B #626681
Blue C #353644
Off White #FBF8F6
Pure White #FFFFFF
Messaging assets
Main brand messages will be put into a "strip" to stand out on the brand coloured background.

The strip uses the fullstop of the relevant font size in the strip as the x-height. This unit is then used to give consistent spacing around the text, usage is demonstrated below:
This spacing guide can be seen in usage in both print and digital adverts below (CMYK print colours vary slightly from RGB):
Imagery & photography
Kinsu currently only uses flat illustrations to depict particular brand USPs, in the future the photography used will have colour matching according to the brand colours above.
Kinsu uses flat icons to add clarity to the types of items that can be covered.

For now, these are the only icons used.
Mockups & screens